Pete Ray Biggin 2020 Drum Camp

Together with Pete, you will explore these areas of your playing, and he will demonstrate the importance of mastering each area and how they interlink in order to elevate your playing.

The session will culminate in a London recording complex, where you will be able to put in to context what you have learned in the day by recording a familiar song with your new-found sense of feel. Delivered with a fun and relaxed environment, you will no doubt leave feeling very highly inspired, confident with a greater sense of awareness and understanding towards your groove and feel.

COURSE DETAILS: Times will be from 10am – 7pm Over 16s only

The drum camp is aimed at INTERMEDIATE players: A good understanding of rudiments and ability to play to a metronome are highly recommended in order to get the most out of the session

Please bring your sticks and pad and 2 songs you like to play to.