Mike Dolbear Interview with Pete Ray Biggin

Mike Dolbear Interview with Pete Ray Biggin

Pete was interviewed by Mike Dolbear in March 2015. Mike has been publishing his website, Where Drummers Meet Online since 2000 with the goal of being a community for drummers and drum kit manufacturers. He is instrumental in promoting the philosophy of encouraging all players, irrespective of age, ethnicity, religion gender or ability, to value their contribution to the drumming arts. Mike is also responsible for creating the UK Young Drummer of the Year competition.

Here are some highlights.

On talking about his career…

“I’ve always loved funk and I stayed with Incognito for a couple of years until I got a call from Mark King to do the Level 42 gig. I couldn’t believe it was him calling me, since Level 42 is my all-time favourite band.

Pete meets Level 42 at Sheffield

I met them as a kid and even got to play Gary Husband’s drum kit at one of their sound checks that my parents took me to in 1991. I think there a video on Youtube of that.”

On working with big names…

“When I got these gigs it felt like a quite natural transition and I wasn’t really nervous at all. The thing is that today people go straight on to do a big pop gig after they come out of a music college and they are shitting themselves. Take your time!

Mark King crushing it at Eastbourne 30th Anniversary Concert, 2010

If you take on a gig and you’re not ready for it you might screw up your reputation. I did years and years of function work, driving to the gigs setting my kit up etc. So when it got to the point of my first big gig and someone was setting up my drums for me it felt brilliant, I offered to give him a hand and everything.”

Live interview with Mike Dolbear

Mike Dolbear interview with Pete Ray Biggin

Talking about confidence as a drummer

“II always tell my students, if your head is not right, then your hands will never be right.

You get the confidence from gigging and believing in yourself and if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.

But it’s such a fine line between arrogance and confidence and we can’t be arrogant people in this business, it’s too small and people talk. There are great musicians that I’m not working with because of their arrogance.”

Read the full interview with Mike Dolbear and Pete.

Bless you, Mike. I was so humbled to be asked by you to be interviewed… I always look up to you man, and the things you said to me have kept me going and wanting to put back someday like you have.

Pete Ray Biggin on Mike Dolbear